The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush

No, not Poker. We’re talking about toilets.

When tenants check out office space, they usually pay attention to lots of details. I’ve seen them slowly walk around the space, look at cracks in the ceiling, turn lights on and off, and take videos while they rotate on the spot to view later. But almost every time I need to remind them to look at the bathrooms.

Let’s be real. Bathrooms matter a lot. Everyone wants their hygiene taken care of and bathrooms should be your happy place! You know, your break from work, scroll through the social media newsfeeds on the toilet, etc. No? Come on, we can be honest here.

Given the importance of a decent bathroom for both hygiene and morale, you owe it to yourself and your employees to give it a quick look before you sign on the dotted line. Here are a few things to look out for:

1. Size & Quantity:

How irritating is it to stand waiting for the toilet for 10 minutes? What about the line for washing your hands? This literally just happened to me today. Please do everyone a favor and check the bathrooms before signing the lease. There is no excuse to have 2 toilets for 50 people.

2. No Old Bathrooms:

Make sure the bathrooms aren’t ancient. Not only will it look horrible, but there could be real issues with an old bathroom. Take a quick glance and when in doubt just ask the person showing you the space.

3. Aesthetics:

Sure, it might be a matter of preference, but if you’re touring the space check it out yourself! Perks of being your company’s representative. Make sure the bathrooms are nice enough that you don’t get horribly depressed walking in.

4. Plumbing:

No, you do not need to literally use the bathroom to get the full effect. But it may be worthwhile to try flushing the toilet or turning on and off the sinks. Better not to run into basic plumbing issues later.


Make sure you check them out when you tour the space. It’s just another part of being an educated tenant.

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