The Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis, Working Solutions NYC

80 Broad Street • New York, NY

An employment law firm was tired of having shared space.


The managing partner sat in an office without windows and they had other attorneys doubled up in offices. Their building was poorly managed, the elevators took forever but the price was right and the location downtown was ideal given proximity to the courts and to where they lived in Brooklyn. They wrestled with moving but didn’t think they could find a better deal than they currently had.


The Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis hired representation to explore its options. There were 3 choices: Move within the building; find space in another building; or sign a sublease. Over 20 months, 83 million square feet of office space downtown was analyzed, 22 spaces were identified, 12 spaces were previewed by their advisor and a site tour of 9 spaces was completed. Proposals were submitted for 3 spaces. 1 lease negotiated and signed.


  • A brand new space with only a small increase in yearly real estate costs
  • An informed client who understood current market pricing and availability
  • Windows for all the attorneys improving employee retention and pride in their firm
  • Increased billings
  • An opportunity to host client events given a building with an amenity floor including a conference center


We have been impressed with all of your efforts since we started the
process over 20 months ago. It was our first time going through this
process and we had tons of questions. You took the time to answer each
and everyone one of them and spoke in a language we could understand.
When we changed our focus, you changed with us never blinking an eye.
We felt you had our back and that our interests were your interests all
throughout our time together.
Chris Davis,
The Law Office of Christopher Q. Davis, Working Solutions NYC

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