F is for…

Office Lease Flexibility

I am shocked at how often I’m hearing this word. It is part of most conversations with tenants these days. I understand where it is coming from, but its frequency is what is shocking to me. The word? Flexibility. It’s being driven by an inability to forecast how people will work coming out the other […]

What is the office going to look like?

Future of the Office

With companies working on future planning, the question on the minds of many is, ‘What is the office going to look like?’ and “What are others doing?” We’ve been hearing so many people speculate that the office is dead, or that no one will want to work in a big metropolitan city. I decided to […]

Standing Out in a Sea of Subleases

This real estate headlines say it all: “Manhattan Office Vacancies Soar to a Record With Leasing Frozen.” And, with many companies uncomfortable asking their employees to return, it has left a massive problem for many of them. What to do with office space you are not using, but are paying for? For many, the first step was reaching […]