10 Lease Commandments

Lease Commandments

You may not know this about me, but I love hip-hop. It started at an early age, at 5 years old, watching Soul Train on Channel 11. I was introduced to U.T.F.O a few years later and even remember watching breakdancing movies in second and third grade at an assembly. In fact, the first album I bought […]

5 Biggest Mistakes Tenants Make When Renewing an Office Lease

Lease Renewal Mistakes

Now more than ever, tenants are choosing to renew, rather than relocate, their offices. The mistake that many companies make is that they think renewal is not a negotiation. At its core, your lease is a financial commitment that your company is making. It is your right to negotiate the critical financial terms because they […]

Office Leasing: It’s All About The Base

Real Estate Taxes

When you consider Manhattan office space and eventually sign a new office lease in NYC, one of the financial terms to negotiate is the base years for real estate taxes as well as for operating expenses. We will address each of these separately to help explain why you should care. The short story is that they add up to a large number of dollars and cents that either you are paying, or the landlord is paying based upon your advisor’s knowledge of the topic.