Get paid to move? Yup, really!

Ann Kayman

Based on my experience, it seems that a lot of tenants do not even know this exists! So, I decided to speak with an expert to help businesses understand what money is available for them to relocate. Ann Kayman the CEO of New York Grant Company was a recent guest on Conversations with Cohen.

If You Renew Your Lease, You’re Saving Your Landlord BIG TIME

Leveraging in Office Lease Renewal

Your lease renewal is Worth A LOT! A lease renewal is seen as the path of least resistance for many companies, as it removes the potential disruptions associated with a move, from a change of address to the associated costs, and everything in between. It is important to remember that it is the best option […]

Standing Out in a Sea of Subleases

This real estate headlines say it all: “Manhattan Office Vacancies Soar to a Record With Leasing Frozen.” And, with many companies uncomfortable asking their employees to return, it has left a massive problem for many of them. What to do with office space you are not using, but are paying for? For many, the first step was reaching […]