Personalized Services for
New York City & Midtown Manhattan
Office Leasing


I help tenants align strategic business objectives with their real estate requirements. My service is distinguished by an in-depth knowledge of the New York City office marketplace, and backed by the knowledge and success of Cresa.

Renewing your lease: I use current market information, and find comparable spaces to your own, to leverage the best deal possible for you. As an added benefit, if your landlord doesn’t budge, you have options and they can’t hold you over the proverbial barrel.

Relocating: I get to know the ins and outs of your business so that I can understand what you do and what you need, and what future financial growth may look like. I identify markets and spaces and tour with you. Then, we make a detailed value analysis for an apples-to-apples comparison. I will involve the landlords for sample layouts of favorable spaces. Then I negotiate terms. I will also review lease drafts and work with your attorney. I can even assist in getting you ready for move out, and move in.


Analysis: I will identify your current and future real estate needs to select an effective occupancy strategy. This will be accomplished by: understanding your current situation including an analysis of your lease, confirming your financial and operational objectives, identifying all potential market opportunities, and analyzing risks, for example, one landlord may have offered a better financial package than another but could be more difficult to work with.

Site selection: Essentially, I put myself in the shoes of your business. What you are trying to achieve via a move will dictate what space fits best. For example, if the goal is employee retention, we will consider how that translates to building selection: window layout, adequate lighting, configuration of space be that open or office intensive, etc. And how does a space and building work with your future growth projections?


I know from experience that a high level of service works best at alleviating pain points and helps to make the move seamless and the least disruptive to your business

It’s why I oversee the process from start to finish. From coordinating the letter of credit with your bank to helping you obtain the correct insurance coverage, I am there at every step. I will ensure your lease gets done quickly and efficiently. I can suggest architects and oversee construction. And I can offer up ancillary services, everything from furniture suppliers to movers, and everything in between.


Whether you are getting out of a space and wish to sublease, or wish to get into one, you need someone on your side who knows the subleasing market inside out. You need someone who knows how the market is priced, and what offerings are most attractive.

Getting you out: I help you get rid of your space (getting you off the hook), to reduce your financial exposure as quickly and efficiently as possible. I talk to your landlord first to assess if there are any issues with the space. I discuss options with you. Then quickly find the right tenant.

Getting you into a sublease: Subleasing can of great value to the right tenant. I stay very connected to the sublease market. I know exactly how it works and am constantly up to speed with spaces that could benefit my clients. Knowing the landlord always has the right to recapture or deny a subtenant outright, I help my clients identify backup spaces to prevent being left without options. Again, it goes back to empowering tenants to know they have real estate choices.

Gregg’s patience and willingness to work around our busy schedule made the process so much smoother.