Office Love Letters

You know that feeling when someone asks you “Where are your offices?” and when you tell them they say “Ohhh nice”. They then go on to say things like, “That’s awesome, your so close to (fill in the blank from where ever you commute from)” or “Oh, your right by (insert food place), I go there for salads all the time” or “I used to be at (insert address).”

When you stop to think about how much time we spend in our offices versus our home you start to realize how important it is to get the office part right. While many still look at it as a utility, there are so many aspects to get right so that you can get that feeling of “I love my office” which you so rightly deserve. With Valentine’s day this month, I thought we would read a few love letters to our offices to show your office how much we love them

The Office Manager: 

Oh Office,

Every day, as I step into your building, I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. As I pass through your lobby’s turnstiles, I’m reminded of how no unwanted person can ever come between us. Your elevators with destination dispatch zip me straight to my floor, never stopping anywhere I don’t want it to. Oh, and my employees? They love it too. Before you, they would run to other office buildings or restaurants to get a coffee or snack. But now, with a café in your lobby and amenity space on 7, they can take the short elevator ride down and back up, always staying on top of their work. And above all your other marvelous features, the flexible lease agreement we have together lets me expand our space without having to move away from you. True love.

The Employee:

Dear Office, 

You are forever my safe haven and the more time we spend together, the more I realize just how incredible you are. Your bathrooms made of polished marble floors and countless toilets are my source of comfort when I can lock myself in their stalls without waiting for a colleague to finish up. Your floor layout lets me stretch my legs and see out the windows instead of staring at a cold gray cubicle. Perhaps, best of all is your lightning fast internet speeds and wireless office space. I can get my work done much easier and never have to stare at those awful “loading” screens. You truly are a joy to come to every day and I absolutely love our time together.

The Client:


I’ve admired you from both close and afar, all while being enchanted by your office’s sleek figure, sparkling bathrooms, and endless space. Your foyer beckons me forward, tempting me with its warmth and charm. As a client of your tenant, I’ve heard all about your perfection and seen all your tenants enjoying endless features… My office simply cannot compare to you, it lacks your amenities and beauty, not to mention costs me far more. You truly are perfection, if only I signed your lease agreement before your current tenant…

And if you don’t love yours, let’s make sure we find one that you do the next time.

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