How High?

How High?

The client’s number one priority: extremely high ceilings. A very reasonable request. In my presentation to them, they shared their frustration that the last team they worked with on their search wasn’t listening. They felt they were wasting a lot of time seeing space that did not fit their needs, specifically that all of the ceilings were “too darn low”. With time being one of our most valuable resources and the fact that you can’t get it back after it’s gone, I believe in visiting also knows as “previewing” each of the spaces before I show it to a client to ensure it will work for them so as to not waste their time.

Last week I visited five spaces in preparation for the presentation of a number of space ideas to this tenant. As part of my process, I brought a laser to validate the ceiling heights. For me, there is nothing worse than a client thinking “Why was I brought to this space? This isn’t what I told him I wanted.” Previewing space needs to part of your advisers process!

Two of the five spaces did not deliver as promised. The building agent of the first space in the Flatiron District told me on the phone the ceilings were over 14 feet high. When I arrived on the floor and measured they were eleven feet six inches. The buildings representation scratched their head and asked I check in another area of the space. And still the same measurement. The agent even suggested a faulty laser. The space worked well but the lower ceiling height took it off the list. The owner of the second building claimed his ceilings were twelve feet high. Sure enough ten and a half feet.

Conclusion: First of all, select an adviser who listens and really understands your requirement. Second of all, make sure you work with someone who will take the time to visit spaces on your behalf so that by the time you go out and tour offices it’s a shortlist of those that really work for you and your needs. It’s about the best return on your time.

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