Agence France-Presse

The world’s oldest news agency leveraged several options to land in a brand new space built for a better workflow with no out of pocket costs.


Agence France-Presse was ready for a change. Their workflow had changed and they needed more privacy rather than a completely open work space. They had been in the same space for 15+ years and it was tired and no longer conducive to their workflow. The landlord wasn’t willing to give them the concessions they deserved so it was time to find new space. They had a very narrowly defined geographic area.


They hired representation to explore their options. A survey of 44 million square feet of office space was conducted. This revealed there were 10 buildings that would accommodate their needs and their budget. Spaces in each building were identified. Two tours of space were held. They used time to their advantage so that over a 3 month period proposals were placed with 3 different landlords in 3 different buildings. They were able to use the various landlord proposals as leverage to negotiate and terms were agreed to on one space.


  • Leverage from choices that enabled them to obtain the most favorable terms
  • A brand new space built to suit their specifications with no out of pocket expensesSecurity that they had a space that fit their present and future needs
  • Visibility that they had a long term lease which removed concerns about potential future business disruption


You were an absolute pleasure to work with…. we have over 185 offices around the world. From our time looking at office options through to negotiating lease terms you ensured our interests were protected. You were with us every step of the way and that you offered complete accessibility at every hour to address all of our needs. I really feel like you know what it takes to get the job done. Our requirements were quite specific given we are a global news agency. You listened to everything we had to say and delivered. This was really important to us and we thank you for all of your efforts. Looking forward to working together in the future.

-Daniel Slim
Technical Director for North America

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